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Title: Missed Kisses, (Logan/Veronica, ensemble), PG-13, 1/1
Author: jacedesbff
Pairing/Character: Logan/Veronica, ensemble
Word Count: 3000+
Rating: PG-13; lots of intense, yummy kisses
Summary: five unrelated stories from different universes that tell the stories of five kisses that Logan and Veronica never had at parties in Neptune
Spoilers: all of seasons 1 and 2 as stories span the entire spectrum
Disclaimer: Rob Thomas owns all.

A/N: Written for the latest 5thingsthat challenge. The deadline was extended and I really wanted to get these down on paper. Each vignette is in no way connected to the other; the thread holding them all together is that each one tells the story of a kiss that Logan and Veronica never had (although I really wish that a couple of them had actually occurred!) Oh, and while it’s firmly PG-13, it’s, um, *fans self*, *fans self*. *laughs*

Thank you forever to my insanely talented beta havemy_heart. Xposted to 5thingsthat, veronicamarsfic, fic_from_mars and damaged_box. Feedback is crack. Behold the fluffage!

1. Troy’s party, junior year--What if she had gone?

Logan watched as Veronica entered Troy’s house. She looked unsure of herself. Logan didn’t like to see Veronica looking so small. She was petite, but she wasn’t small. He would never tell her this, but while he missed the Veronica that used to be, the person she had become suited her much better. He liked snarking with her. He liked exchanging barbs. Their mutual animosity had kept him going this past year. Another thing he would never tell her. He couldn’t let her go back to what she used to be—helpless, defenseless.

“Why, Veronica, what brings you to grace us with your presence?” he said as he walked up behind her and snaked his head over her shoulder.

As he knew she would, she immediately responded to his taunt. Her back got straighter, her shoulders pulled up and she turned around to look him in the eye.

“Only the possibility of running into you,” she said. “Now if I could just get you naked my night would be complete.”

There was the Veronica she had become.

“Anytime, anywhere, Ronnie.” If you really wanted to get Veronica’s hackles up, all you had to do was call her “Ronnie”.

She rolled her eyes and demanded, “Where’s Troy?”

“He ran out to get more supplies.”

“Fine. I’ll go wait until he gets back. Somewhere else,” she added pointedly.

Logan raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything as she stalked away. He kept an eye on her, though, and about ten minutes later he saw Veronica leaning against a wall in a darkened corner of the living room. He went over and stood in front of her, blocking her view of the crowd. He wanted to give her something to distract herself with while she waited for the new guy to get back.

“Stalking is illegal in California,” she stated.

His face was inches away from hers.

“Yeah, but you’d rather be looking at me than the other people in this room, right?”

Veronica choked back a laugh. “Why would you possibly think that?”

“Come on, Vee. Two people can’t hate each other this much without creating sparks. Even you have to admit that.”

A shot of something unidentifiable went through Veronica’s eyes too quickly for Logan to name. He so loved the games that they played.

Logan ran his tongue lightly across her lips and watched closely for her reaction. Almost unwittingly, her lips parted and he slipped his tongue in, running it across the roof of her mouth. In response, she pulled at his bottom lip with her teeth.

This was not going the way that he had planned. That thought ran through his mind as the two of them began kissing each other like the sex-crazed teenagers they were. He liked to tease Veronica, to push her, but the sensations that coursed through his body the instant he tasted her mouth were like a freight train running through his veins. He was losing control.

“What’s wrong, Logan?” Veronica breathed against his mouth as he stopped to take in a huge gasping breath. “Get more than you bargained for?”

His mouth was a hair’s breadth from hers when they heard Troy come into the living room.

“Provisions!” the host of the party called out to a round of applause.

Logan stood up and turned around, blocking Veronica from the view of the people at the party. A year ago he would have seized the opportunity to make Veronica look like a slut, but now…she wasn’t, and he wasn’t that guy anymore.

After a few moments had passed, during which he felt her pull herself together behind him, he casually stepped away and rejoined the party. Surreptitiously keeping an eye on her, he watched as Veronica joined a thrilled Troy, presenting herself as a calm, together young woman simply out to enjoy an evening with friends.

What had they just gotten themselves into?


2. Madison’s birthday party, junior year--What could Veronica have been doing while Mac was talking to her sister?

Veronica had brought a pen and a pad of paper with her. If she had to be here, at least she could have a little fun, right? She laughed. Let the games begin.

She walked up to a couple making out in the corner and started taking notes.

Sensing that someone was watching them, the couple separated and turned to look at Veronica.

“Oh, don’t mind me,” she said calmly. “I’m in an anthropology class.” She paused. “Really. Carry on.”

The couple looked at each other in confusion.

“Um, what’s anthropology?” asked the girl, a sophomore 09er that Veronica didn’t know.

“The study of the evolution of the human race from a social and interpersonal perspective. You know, how human interaction systems have changed and progressed over the past several thousand years.” Veronica looked at the complete bewilderment still evident on their faces. She continued in a very matter-of-fact tone. “Right now I’m observing mating rituals in the American teenage subculture as seen in the twenty-first century. So please continue.”

Having finally caught on to the fact that they were being made fun of, the couple gave her a hateful look and went to find another dark corner.

Thoroughly entertained, Veronica went to find her next subjects with a huge smile on her face. Instead, she saw Duncan heading in her direction. Wanting nothing more than to avoid her ex-boyfriend, Veronica ducked into a nearby coat closet.

Strong hands grabbed her in the darkness and pushed her up against the closet door.

Veronica instantly tensed all over. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone in a closet! What the hell?!

“I got your note,” breathed a male voice in her ear. “Meet me in the closet. Here I am.” Wait a minute. She knew that voice. Her body relaxed. Logan wasn’t going to hurt her. But he obviously had no idea who she was and there was no way she was going to tell him.

She almost lost it, though, when Logan started kissing his way down her neck. An initial jolt of fear almost immediately melted as she began enjoying his ministrations.

What was she doing? This guy was a total jerk to her.

His mouth moved to hers.

Well, yeah, but there was a lot of freedom to be found in anonymity.

Who cared, right? Veronica struggled to maintain some semblance of coherent thought as Logan’s tongue swept into her mouth and she returned his kiss passionately. Right.

Logan bit back a gasp as he kissed the girl up against the door. Since Lilly’s death it hadn’t really mattered who the girl was, so it didn’t matter that he couldn’t see the girl in the closet. But as soon as he started actually kissing her, Logan knew precisely who was in his arms. And the kiss stopped being meaningless filler.

Neither Logan nor Veronica had ever told the Kanes about the kiss they had shared. It had been before the Fab Four became the Fab Four and they had both sensed that in this case ignorance was most definitely bliss.

Logan had never forgotten it, though, and as he deepened the kiss, he knew exactly who he was kissing. He also knew that if he let Veronica know that, it would be over. Since he didn’t want it to be over, he stayed silent. Um, what did he do, though? If he were in a closet with some stranger, what would Logan do? WWLD. The thought went through Logan’s mind and he had to choke back a laugh.

Wow, he really didn’t want this to end.

His hand made its way down the front of Veronica’s chest to the bottom of her blouse. As Veronica felt his hand heading south, she knew she had to stop this from going any further, but she didn’t want to. She had been dying to relive that kiss with Logan for years. Did it really have to stop? Her leg pulled itself up against his side.

Wait a minute. She didn’t mean to do that. But it was Logan. It wouldn’t be him if he didn’t try to push it further, if he didn’t inspire her to go further. It just usually wasn’t in this particular arena.

Veronica pushed away from him and slipped out the door, shutting it immediately behind her. She didn’t want him to have even a chance of seeing who she was. She escaped through the crowd, determined to find Mac and get the hell out of Dodge.

Logan leaned his hands against the closet door and took a deep breath in the dark.

Breathe, man. Breathe.

There were a lot of reasons that he and Veronica avoided each other. And now he needed a cold shower.


3. Logan’s “Life’s Short” party, senior year--So Veronica goes to do some research…

Veronica needed to talk to every person who had been on that bus and she needed to do it quickly enough to be of some use to Jessie’s family. Going to this miserable excuse for a party was the quickest way to do that. She had specifically asked Duncan not to come with her. His and Logan’s relationship was still frosty and she didn’t want to make the situation any worse than it already was.

After about a half an hour of talking her way through the crowd, though, she needed a break in a bad way. She hated 09er parties with good reason. She ducked into a side room, which turned out to be Aaron’s office, judging by the looks of it.

She leaned against the desk and took a deep breath, resting her face in her hands. She jerked up when she heard the door to the office open.

“Hello, Veronica,” said Logan as he entered the room and shut the door behind him. “Looking to find some random member of my family guilty of something?”

Veronica wasn’t in the mood to exchange witty repartee with Logan. She had already used her reserves of strength on the crowd. Logan sensed her mood and, noting her silence, instinctively changed his entire demeanor, reminding her that they had once very much been a couple.

“How many 09er parties have you been to in the past year?” he asked carefully.

“Voluntarily?” she sighed. It was scary how easy it was for them to fall back into the easy camaraderie of girlfriend and boyfriend. Scary and dangerous. Weren’t they supposed to lose that familiarity? Especially since she was dating another guy?

Logan approached Veronica slowly and pulled her into his arms.

There wasn’t a single reason that Veronica could think of why she should let this happen. No reason except the fact that she desperately needed it. All of the horrible memories of Shelley’s party should be gone, shouldn’t they? She knew the truth. She had made her peace with it. Why did echoes of the pain from that first year still resurface, even after everything was supposed to be okay?

She sighed into Logan’s chest. Maybe it was the recent deaths of so many people. Maybe it was Meg being in a coma. Whatever it was, Veronica needed this. At this moment, she needed Logan. She realized that even if Duncan had been there, Logan is the one she would have wanted to turn to. Whether she would have or not wasn’t the point. Just having that thought made her feel incredibly disloyal, even though it was true.

Logan’s mouth moved down towards his ex-girlfriend’s. He didn’t mean to do it, not really. He couldn’t stop himself, either.

The kiss was soft and gentle, comforting and Veronica wanted nothing more than to lose herself in it…

“I can’t, Logan,” she said, tearing her lips away from his and pulling herself out of his arms. He sighed in response and was about to say something when the two of them were interrupted by the opening of the door.

They looked up to see Cassidy entering the room.

“Oh, sorry,” said Cassidy, looking very uncomfortable to have caught this particular couple alone. “Not the bathroom.”

“Other end of the hall,” stated Logan.

Cassidy quickly backed out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Before Logan could get out another word, Veronica spoke up. “I have to go,” she said as she practically ran for the door.

Now it was Logan’s turn to lean against the desk and sigh.


4. Dick’s New Year’s Eve party, senior year--It’s that time of year, time to make New Year’s Resolutions, address things from the past year, etc. Riiiiight…

Veronica didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve alone, but she didn’t want to spend it at an 09er party, either. Mac, however, didn’t want to go her boyfriend’s house alone and had asked Veronica to come with her to the party.

So here she was.

And there he was.

Logan was leaning back on the couch calmly watching the goings-on; Veronica was standing in the shadows watching him sit calmly.

What to do, what to do…

What the hell? Life was short.

Veronica went and stood in front of Logan, positioning herself in-between his legs. He looked up in surprise.

“Veronica,” he said in that classic Logan tone. “What brings you here on this fine evening?”

“Why didn’t you love me enough to let it go this summer?”

Logan looked at her like she had just grown an extra head.

“What?” he managed to choke out.

“You said you were in love with me, but when I asked you to let it go—what the PCHers, the other people in Neptune were doing—you couldn’t. You weren’t just destroying them, you were destroying yourself. Why wasn’t I enough?”

Man, that felt good. She had been dying to ask him that for months.

Logan’s jaw literally fell open. Not far, but it still fell. As he stared at her, she returned his gaze patiently. She wasn’t in a hurry.

“What is this, some New Year’s resolution gone bad? Let’s screw with Logan? Come on.” He tried to get up, but her position between his legs meant that if he stood up, she could push him back down without any effort despite the fact that he had a good seventy pounds on her. He sagged back against the couch and looked down at his hands. Veronica watched as Logan’s walls visibly crumbled.

“I hated everyone, Veronica. My mom had killed herself. I had just found out that my dad nailed my first love and then bashed her head in with an ashtray. Then he took the next girl I loved, put her in a refrigerator and set it on fire. I hated everyone and everything. Except for you.” He raised his hands and ran them through his hair.

Veronica moved closer into the couch. “Then why did you get better when I left you? Why did you finally pull it together when I left? Why couldn’t you do it while I was still there?”

“Would you be asking me this if Duncan was still here?”

The question came so unexpectedly. And it was fair.

“You and I both know that I could have gone with Duncan. But I didn’t. I’m here. I’m right here and I want to know why you couldn’t pull it together when you were with me, but you could when you weren’t.”

A deep sigh escaped the young man on the couch. “I loved you so much. And I know that you loved me. Even if you didn’t say it, I know how much you loved me.” He glanced up for a moment before looking back down. “When you broke up with me…” he took a breath. “When you broke up with me I realized how far I had gone. I had a choice. I could die or I could keep going. I had let you down once. I wasn’t going to do it again. So I kept going.” He cut off abruptly, looking off to the side.

“For me,” Veronica said in wonder. “You did that for me.”

“It was always for you.” He looked up at her. “Happy now?”

Veronica raised her right leg and set in on the outside of Logan’s left leg. Then she put her hands on his shoulders and carefully positioned her left leg on the outside of his right, effectively straddling him.


He reached up to meet her halfway. It was an explosion of heat as their mouths met. There was nothing soft about this kiss as each of them poured their heart and soul into it. If she could have, Veronica would have crawled inside Logan and spent the night in his skin with him. They were pretty close to that as it was.

Happy New Year.


5. Alterna-Prom, senior year--How we all wish it had gone. Sigh…

Logan ran his fingers down the side of Veronica’s face and moved in to kiss her. Veronica desperately wanted to run, but she wasn’t fast enough. His kiss was beautiful and gentle, which was especially surprising given how drunk she knew he was.

Veronica pulled back. “Logan, is this really a good idea?”

“Do you have a better one?” he asked as he traced his hand over her lips, a smile flitting across his own.

“Let’s go to bed.”

Logan’s grin almost flew off of his face.

“Get a clue, epic boy. If you’re ever lucky enough to get in my pants, I’d like you to remember it.”

Logan laughed and pressed his forehead to hers.

“Are you saying that I won’t remember any of this tomorrow?”

“Are you saying you will?” They both laughed.

“Come on,” she said, “you’re going to stay fully dressed. I’m going to keep every stitch of my clothing on. And we’re going to sleep. Together. Epic couples do that, you know.”

She rose up, pulling Logan with her and keeping hold of his hand. He followed her to his bedroom quite willingly.

The two of them lay down on the bed together on top of the bedspread, secure in each others’ arms as they fell asleep. All because of a simple kiss.


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Jan. 8th, 2009 10:30 pm (UTC)

Although #4 was not much sigh-worthy--just plain hot.
Jun. 4th, 2009 09:20 pm (UTC)
So many missed opportunities for sweet kisses. That make-out session in a closet at Madison's birthday party was unbelievably hot.
Jul. 15th, 2014 02:29 am (UTC)
These are so great that it's hard to pick a favorite. For me, I think troys party. I love the version of them when their passion is loosely masked with animosity. Great fic! Put this one on ao3 too!
Jul. 15th, 2014 03:12 am (UTC)
I definitely need to migrate these over to AO3. :D Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback! :D
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