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Fic: Honors Biology, L/V, PG-13, 10/11

Fic: Honors Biology (10/11)
Author: jacedesbff
Pairing/Character: Veronica/Logan
Word Count: 2900+
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The public gets wind of the impending bundle of joy
Spoilers: Um, no? Familiarity with the rest of the Honors Biology series would help.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters and will not be making any money off of this.

Author’s Note: Um, better late than never? *smiles in such a way as to discourage pitchforks* I get more requests for a continuance of this series than any other fic request (thank you, everyone!), and I dedicate this particularly to havemy_heart, afrocurl and redbanker, who never stopped hoping/believing/encouraging/threatening me to do it. :p Beta = havemy_heart = love. :D ALSO, wander_lust_79 made some absolutely stunning graphics to go along with this story. They truly are incredible. Thank you, lovely!!

Link to previous chapters: Chapters 1-3 | Chapters 4-5 | Chapters 6-7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9

Honors Bio - beginning by wander_lust_79

Logan sat behind a table near the front of the official-looking meeting room, but his mind was elsewhere. Specifically it was with Veronica, lying in bed on the second floor of her father’s home on strict instructions from the doctor.

His girlfriend had wanted to attend Logan ’s hearing, but neither of them seriously considered going against doctor’s orders. The life of their unborn child was both fragile and precious, and the young couple was doing everything possible to guard the safety of their baby.

As Logan ’s mind drifted, the room filled.

“Mac” Mackenzie sat at the end of the row behind Logan . Next to her were Luke and Meg, Logan and Veronica’s other true friends. Veronica’s father was sitting with Logan and the expensive lawyer Keith had insisted Logan hire instead of Cliff. The rest of the crowd was made up of Neptune High faculty, parents and students, any member of the press lucky or devious enough to get in, and every other rubbernecker who could score a seat.

Mac came into Logan and Veronica’s lives three months earlier when Neptune ’s administration sent her to install the Hospital Homebound software on the pregnant girl’s laptop. Veronica’s obstetrician insisted on a light, low-stress course load, but the software was needed nonetheless. Mac’s laid-back attitude fit perfectly into Veronica and Logan ’s life, and she quickly became part of the high-profile couple’s inner circle.

The computer geek looked around at the throng of people struggling to fit in a room meant to sit a hundred at most. Of course the masses were flocking— Logan ’s hearing was the equivalent of the season finale of a reality TV show, albeit one with unwilling stars. The blue-haired teenager rolled her eyes at the frenzied anticipation in the eyes of those taking their seats behind her.


It was worldwide tradition that celebrity offspring be made into tabloid canon fodder, but Logan was no ordinary spawn of fame. He was the victim of the crime that put action star Aaron Echolls in prison for ten to twenty years. That alone guaranteed lifetime attention. Taking it a step further, Logan also looked good in a Speedo, had a photogenic girlfriend and was a leader at his high school. TMZ readers had been able to identify Logan on sight for years.

Then the charming monogamist went and knocked up his photo-friendly childhood sweetheart, that being the same girl who found Logan poolside after his father tried to bludgeon him to death the previous year. Cue tabloid hell.

The sensationalist press – accompanied by much of the “legitimate” journalism horde – had followed every step of Logan and Veronica’s baby drama, intrinsically making a much bigger deal out of a teen pregnancy than any couple had a right to expect, turning a private matter into a public frenzy.

Shortly after Veronica was told she was pregnant and needed to go on bed rest, the prurient masses descended on Neptune General, someone on staff having earned a few dollars by ratting out the young couple. The local sheriff – natch – kept the cameras a respectful distance away from the parents-to-be, but that did not stop the determined leeches who made their livings chronicling the lives of the famous. The only thing the press needed proximity for was pictures. There was plenty of dirt to be found far from Veronica Mars’ hospital room.

The first bombshell came quickly. A reporter from the AP learned that the Mars’ divorce and custody battle involved a 15-year affair between Lianne Mars and Jake Kane. Having an upstanding businessman involved gave the “real” news crews a reason to explain their presence, leading to even more press coverage, as if that had even seemed possible. And members of the press were ruthless in their quest for the next sound bite.

Reporters interviewed Neptune High students at every possible location (except, supposedly, the forbidden high school grounds). They also went after hospital employees, family court staff, long-time Neptune residents, and childhood friends who had moved to Denver . All of this while seeking unrequited interviews with the primary players. Every whisper and rumor was reported to the waiting public in real time, and colorful, opinionated websites both supporting and condemning the young couple popped up as Logan and Veronica climbed Google’s most popular search list.

In due course, the nation found out about Veronica’s fight with Lilly after Logan ’s hospitalization, which led the press to Lilly, still away at boarding school. The exiled Kane reveled in the attention and managed to capture headlines for a few days before the media moved on. Various outlets got pictures from every dance Logan and Veronica had ever gone to, including long-lost candid shots of Logan fending off Lilly’s advances at the eighth grade dance and Lilly and Veronica’s subsequent showdown on the dance floor.

Then things got really interesting.

Madison Sinclair filed a motion with the school board demanding that Logan Echolls be removed as student body president on grounds of moral turpitude. Despite their reticence to do so, at the insistence of Ms. Donaldson and select ‘09er parents, the Board was forced to schedule a hearing on the matter.

Until that time, Logan, Veronica and their close friends and family had closed ranks against the avaricious hordes. At this latest insult, however, and with Logan and Veronica’s tacit approval, their inner circle finally spoke out. Meg and Luke appeared on the Today Show, giving a passionate interview in defense of their friends’ characters and Logan ’s abilities as SGA President. Madison , of course, fired back with an interview on the less-popular Good Morning America.

Late night shows got in the act, as well, with Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman all including references to the Neptune telenovela in their opening monologues.

Public support was running in favor of the couple and went up further after the expectant parents had a “family spokesperson” release a statement that Logan and Veronica were choosing not to speak to the press on their doctor’s recommendation and would reconsider after the baby was born. While some people in the world bemoaned the high-profile teenage pregnancy, others approved of a monogamous couple who used what was supposed to be reliable birth control and then accepted responsibility for their actions. (All of which was tactfully pointed out in the official statement.)

Meanwhile behind Sheriff-guarded doors, Logan and Veronica for the most part avoided any form of news—be it television, radio or Internet, and focused on each other, their baby and their loved ones. They educated themselves on bed rest, read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and tracked the size of Veronica’s growing belly.

Permanently ensconced in the master bedroom as she now was – Keith had insisted on giving Veronica the largest room available – the expectant mother worked to block out the media from her consciousness. This was a state of affairs that everyone strived to encourage given the need to keep Veronica’s blood pressure down, going so far as to remove pages from magazines before delivering them to the young woman’s bed. She knew what they were doing, of course, but Veronica understood why and didn’t argue the point. She wanted her blood pressure kept down, too.

Logan, on the other hand, protected at home, had to face the gauntlet every morning and afternoon on his way to and from school. Refusing to cower before the press, the young man held his head high and ignored the camera flashes, questions and taunts thrown at him every step of the way.

The press wasn’t allowed inside the school, but some students took pictures with their camera phones and others with actual cameras before VP Clemmons banned them. Every single member of the student body, however, talked, and all of them stared, and all of them took sides.

Even so, the overriding tenor of the student body changed from day-to-day. While everyone – faculty included – stared and whispered constantly, it was difficult to determine if the atmosphere was positive or negative. To Logan, a fishbowl was a fishbowl, and it didn’t matter whether the people staring through the glass were happy or angry – he was still being gaped at. So he retreated into a very small circle of friends.

Luke, Meg and Mac could be depended on to talk to him like he was human and not an alien for study. If Dick and Beaver could be pulled away from Madison long enough, they tended to be okay, but Logan was aware that anything he said would make it back to Madison via pillow talk.

Logan wanted to quit student council, resenting the time it kept him away from home and Veronica, but his girlfriend wouldn’t hear of it. The more strident the calls for his impeachment, the more insistent Veronica became that Logan stand his ground. She did so in a calm tone, of course, swearing that she hadn’t read “too many” articles on the Internet that day. Ultimately Logan decided it was better to remain SGA President and keep Veronica calm than to quit and keep himself calm. He wasn’t the one carrying their baby.

And now, although the school board knew they were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t, the hearing day had arrived.

Technically, those who brought disputes before the Board didn’t need a lawyer. The letter of the law, so to speak, said that attendees were allowed to bring “a representative agent”. Both parties appearing this evening had expensive lawyers, both of which immediately got busy earning their paychecks.

Madison’s lawyer: “This is a simple matter. Section 2, Paragraph 8 of the Neptune High School Student Government Association Charter reads, ‘All officers and auxiliary members of the association must maintain appropriate behavior free from moral turpitude.’ Turpitude is defined as vile or shameful behavior. The President of the Neptune High School SGA is the student leader of the school, and it is shameful that it be considered acceptable for that leader to impregnate his teenage girlfriend out of wedlock.”

Logan’s lawyer: “It is hardly shameful in this day and age for teenagers to engage in a sexual relationship. Particularly in this case, Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars were and are engaged in a monogamous relationship, took every reasonable precaution to prevent pregnancy, and when the medical establishment failed them, these young people took responsibility for their actions. Theirs is the essence of moral responsibility.”

The lawyers went on for 45 minutes saying variations of the same thing. Occasionally board members threw in questions, but the opening statements contained the gist of things. Finally the School Board President called a stop to the back-and-forth and asked if there were any final words before the Board voted. To everyone’s surprise, Logan stood up.

“Mr. Echolls?” the Board President encouraged, figuring they had nothing to lose.

The audience sat up straighter and leaned forward.

“None of you asked about Veronica.” Logan looked around at all of the players. “In all of your posturing, all of your questions, none of you asked how Veronica is doing. You talked about her – how she’s on bed rest, how we’re taking responsibility, whatever. But what about how her bed rest is going? How our baby is doing? How all of this stress—“ he waved his hand at the crowd, “—has affected Veronica’s health and the health of our baby?

That’s what matters here. Moral turpitude—“ Logan scoffed. “Really? In California ? I mean—really?” He didn’t bother hiding his eye roll.

“Let’s talk about what’s really important here,” and Logan ’s voice took on a strength few had rarely heard from him. “Ask me how Veronica is doing. Ask me how my being the best man that I can be helps her stay strong. Ask me how me being a better man will make me a better father. Ask me that. Because that is what matters.

“So make your decision. Vote. Do what you need to do. If you vote for me to stay president, I’ll keep doing the best job that I can, because that’s the kind of man I want to be – the kind who follows through on his responsibilities, who keeps his word. That’s the man the woman I love sees when she looks at me. That’s who I want my child to see. If you don’t want me to be president, that’s fine, too, because how you see me does not determine how I see myself. I don’t need you in order to be a good man. I only need the people I love; I do not need to be student body president.

“Not that you’ve asked, but Veronica is doing well. She’s on modified to strict bed rest. It’s not easy, but she’s doing really well, and because of her, the baby is doing well. He or she is kinda shy, so we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl, but they’re healthy. We just have to keep being careful. And that’s what matters. That’s why I came here today—because Veronica and I want to be able to tell our baby that we stood up for what we believe in, and in this case that’s each other.

“And that’s where I’m going to go now. You vote, and I’ll go with whatever you decide, but I’ll hear about it at home with Veronica, because that’s where I belong. Because she is what matters; our family is what matters. And we’re doing well.”

Logan finally paused.

“Good luck with that.”

And on that note, he pushed back his chair, shook hands with his lawyer and Keith, nodded to his friends, and walked out of the room.


Veronica was waiting for Logan when he got home. Before he said hello, sat down or even took a deep breath, Logan leaned down and gave the girl he loved a tender kiss. He felt her smile under his lips and when he pulled way, he had an expression to match hers.

“That was a beautiful speech,” she said with a grin.

“YouTube already?” he asked, an amused eye roll present in his voice.

“Oh, come on, Logan,” Veronica laughed, picking up the laptop and showing him the screen which displayed a YouTube page titled “Logan Echolls Telling Off the School Board”.

“Awwww…at last I can be a YouTube star. I wonder what that feels like,” Logan commented as he sat down beside Veronica. Logan had been one of YouTube’s first stars and was long-since used to showing up on the site.

She closed her laptop and lay back against her huge mound of pillows.

“Seriously, Logan , you were amazing.” Her eyes welled up and she put her hand up to cup his cheek.

Her boyfriend reached down and kissed her again, more ardently this time.

“They voted in your favor, you know,” Veronica said when they came up for air. “How could they not?”

Logan sighed and Veronica smiled.

“I actually thought they would vote me out,” mused Logan as he scooted down and settled in next to Veronica’s growing tummy, his hand now tracing delicate patterns on it. “I was even hoping…” His voice trailed off.

“They believe in you,” Veronica said simply. “Just like I do.”

“I don’t know about that,” replied Logan softly.

“ Logan ,” Veronica said with quiet exasperation. “I hate to tell you this, but teenage guys all over America hate you right now. You just gave them a huge amount to live up to. You really are that great, and everyone sees it now, not just me.”

Logan rested his chin on Veronica’s stomach and looked into her eyes. “Anything I am is because of you. So if some girl wants her boyfriend to be – whatever – then she’ll have to be amazing first.”

A faint glimmer of tears shone again on Veronica’s lashes.

“Stupid hormones,” she whispered.

“You know,” said Logan , his voice soft as he briefly looked down, “there was only one thing that bothered me tonight.” He paused.

“What?” Veronica encouraged, curious.

“I wasn’t sure how to refer to you.”

“What do you mean?” His girlfriend was confused.

“Well, you’re more than a ‘girlfriend’—“ the finger quotes around the term were implicit in his tone, “—but ‘love of my life’ gets to be kinda cheesy, don’t you think?”

Veronica chuckled softly and nodded.

Logan reached down and pulled a small box out of his pocket.

“I really wanted to refer to you as my fiancée, but I figured it would be best if I actually asked you first. You know, that being the traditional order.” He opened the box as he spoke, and nestled inside was the most beautiful engagement ring Veronica had ever seen. A marquis-cut diamond was raised in the center of the gold band, flanked on each side by three marquis-cut diamonds that descended in size as they spanned out from the center stone.

Veronica no longer fought the tears streaming down her face.

“I’ve known for years that I wanted to marry you, Veronica. Junior speeds it up,” Logan stroked her growing belly, “but I can’t bring myself to be sorry, or wish it had waited, or anything like that. I love you, I love our baby, and I want to marry you.”

Unable to hold it in anymore, Veronica grabbed Logan ’s face in her hands and kissed him silly, her tears transferring to his face.

When they come up for breath, Logan grinned. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” she replied.

Honors Bio - end by wander_lust_79

To be continued


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Jul. 16th, 2009 04:09 am (UTC)
I am glad my threatening encouraging has paid off, J. :D

I really do love this whole thing--the way that Logan constantly thinks of Veronica and is going to marry her! (YAH!!!)
Jul. 16th, 2009 04:14 am (UTC)
Thank you! And seriously, your enthusiasm made all the difference. :D

I like this universe. It's fun. :-)
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I haven't read yet, just wanted to say YAY! And AWWW, look at that Manip! :D
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Yay! An update! I'm so excited.

I love the changes in Logan in this story, different from canon!Logan simply because he knew someone really gave a damn about him. It's a really interesting character study, I think (in addition to being a sweet love story).
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Thank you!!
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The manips are pretty darn cool!

Hee I have learnt a new word today "turpitude"!

I really loved Logan's speech at the board hearing, but also to Veronica when he got back home. I like how you've reflected from canon the impact his upbringing has done to his ego and confidence but also changed it in a way that he's not completely dark and tortured and that there is still some lightness there. Does that make sense?

Great chapter! I'm going to be really sad when this ends!
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I just read through all of this and I am in love. This is what Logan deserved. Great job, can't wait to read more! :)
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I'm so glad you liked it!

This is what Logan deserved. What a nice sentiment. :D
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Oh My God
Oh my god. There's another chapter. I couldn't believe it when I say the alert but here it is... and oh my god i happen to think it was worth the wait.. but i do have a question.. How old are they now? I think I've forgotten along the way or I wasn't paying enough attention.. other than that I can't wait for more.. it's like it's Christmas day and all I'm doing is bouncing a lot... argh it's so exciting update soon please.. don
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I have this huge happy grin on my face right now! I absolutely LOVE the speech that Logan gave. It was moving, and sweet and something I could see him saying in any universe. Perfect!

As much as I love this story, it's a little heartbreaking, too. The fact is that things could have been like this. It's a little sad to think that both of their lives could have been so much better. The change in the classes was a awesome idea and completely within the realm of possibility, making this AU entirely plausible. I really, really love it!! Thanks so much for sticking with it!
Jul. 18th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC)
It was moving, and sweet and something I could see him saying in any universe. I cannot even tell me how much it means that you would say that. :-) I think that speech is what held up this installment forever. I had a hard time trusting that I was hearing Logan correctly in my head (if that makes sense.) LOL I'm so glad it worked for you!

In writing this chapter, I had to go back and read all of the others (to remember them!), and like you, I was reminded how much one little thing can change everything. I'm thrilled to hear that it sounds believe to you here. It makes me wonder what would really happen in our lives if just little things had been done differently. teeny little things!

Thank you so much for your comment!
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Fabulous chapter! Thanks so much for continuing with this fic! Love that Logan is so much more an adult than any of the teens and adults around him.
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Aw! What a sweet story! That speech was amazing and I just love how one tiny thing changed everything in your story... for the better.
Jun. 4th, 2011 02:59 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! Now, of course, I want to go back and read this story again. Hmmm... (I was just listening to the song that sums up Logan for me earlier today, that being Kelly Clarkson's live version of "Beautiful Disaster.) Again, hmmm... :D
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Hi, just wondering if it gets finished? It's a great story...:)
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Hey there! I haven't looked over this story in a while, but I've always felt like it had one more chapter in it. Hmmm... :-)
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Hey longtime no see for me anyway. LOL!!! Just one more chapter to go and I know, know, know, you're not going to leave us hanging right? Please!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the final chapter. BTW just heard about "For the Sake of A Friend" and have to say OMG!! How crazy is that. I mean HELLO!!!! How do you think you're going to get away with that. On a similar topic I did want to ask, you'll notice I'm asking first. LOL! I'm a librarian and I wanted to create a website/library of my favorite fanfiction from different genres. I'm still working on creating the site, but when it's finished I would love to hose "For the Sake of a Friend" and Honors Biology. If it's alright with you. I will get more details and let you see the site first before I upload anything, it could be a few more weeks before I'm even close to ready, because of having to ask each author for permission but I would love to have your stuff. Anyhoo, can't wait fro the last chapter of HB. Have a happy New Year.

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Hey there! Long time no see and Happy New Year! :D Of course you can put my stories on the website - I'm so flattered!

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Hugs and Happy New Year!!
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